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  1. What is a Home inspection?
    A home inspection is an non invasive visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.
  2. What does a home inspection include?
    The standard home inspection will cover the main portions of a home. From the grounds, roof, foundation, exterior, doors and windows, basement, electrical, and heating and cooling. Please see our SOP for further details.
  3. Why do I need a home inspection?
    Inspections can be vital when buying a home. There will be occasions where Inspectors will find defects that may change the buyers opinion on a house. You may also use the report to further negotiate your contract with the seller.
  4. What does an inspection cost?
    Home inspections can vary from one inspector to the next. some offer flat rates, while other price by size and age. Prices can range from $300-$800.
  1. Why can't I do it myself?
    Look! This is your dream home. Staying objective in a situation where you may overlook signs, because this is the home you want. Education is key to being a successful inspector. We have the education to provide a thorough unbiased inspection.
  2. Can a house fail a home inspection?
    No! Properties will not fail a home inspection. The inspection should be used by the Seller or Buyer as an aid to fix defects found during the inspection. The inspectors are not trying to scare you from buying a home. They are there to help you see the house from an outside point of view, and answer and provide valuable information about the homes components and operating features.
  3. How do I choose an inspector?
    The client has many options. Every inspector will attempt to sell you on quality and their code of ethics. You should listen to friends and family, and other people you trust. They can help you choose your inspector based on their experience.
  4. Do I have to be at the inspection?
    NO! You can have someone such as your realtor or family at the inspection. It is important that you have a person you trust represent your best interests at an inspection.
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